Sunday, November 21, 2010

Endings and New Beginnings

The kids used up all our internet allowance about a week early so using the internet was very difficult. They just can't control themselves and seem to watch every you tube video, sport results video, Skype with friends, Facebook and download music so I couldn't really do much blogging. It was a finishing off week for sewing and all 4 Dick and Janes are finished now. They were quilted and had their bindings done.

The final part of the binding was put on this

A few more pot mitts were quilted

And then I got stuck into a new project.
I am a Bruce Springsteen tragic and my brother dropped in a couple of his DVDs to watch. I never really get much time to watch anything but somehow, yesterday I found myself with the house all to myself.
On went the DVD and out came the sewing machine.
I didn't really watch, so much as listen to the DVD but the music was turned up really loud and I started this quilt top.

It was finished today, but with a few hiccups. My measuring wasn't all that good and a few seams ended up being 1/8th to lengthen a few sides - oops. I guess that's why it's known as 'patchwork.'

It was inspired by this


  1. Well, I might have to try Bruce Springsteen as well as it seems he's giving you "wings". The new quilt looks great and nobody would ever know about the smaller seams. But my favourite is still the blue/green quilt.

  2. Love all of your projects! You always amaze me with all of you finishes! I'm working on putting some blocks together to finish a very large top. Stay tunes!

  3. Dick and Jane is lovely fabric and so are your quilts. I think I have a little scrap somewhere for future playing.


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