Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its not much but at least its something

Last weekend was a sad attempt to sell some of my cot quilts. I had a stall at a school market but despite lots of advertising the event was really down on numbers. Melbourne has had ridiculous amounts of rain and that Sunday was really cold and really wet. The few that came were not my kind of customers. I did sell a few toys though.
Good bye Super Boy

I also had some fun starting a little embroidery project because I need something to take overseas with me that is not too bulky but keeps the fingers busy.

This is 'Staring Girl'
She is a creation of Tim Burton.
I love his drawings and his poetry is hilarious and brilliant.
There are a few drawings of Staring Girl in his book and I hope to make a series of them.

So last week was rain, rain,rain and this weekend its boiling!
GJ's advertised a 25% off sale. They are a good hour's drive from home and I was cursing the heat and time in the car but it was great once I got there. They had stacks of fabric I had not been able to buy in Melbourne and although I am trying to be really frugal with my fabric buying, I picked up these bits and pieces.
 Love, love love!


  1. I LOVE your little dolls!! I would have bought every one.

  2. I love Staring Girl!!!!

    GJ's is always worth a trip, but the 25%-off is a bit too hard to resist, isn't it? (I was there yesterday)

  3. Super boy is awesome! Did he find a good home/

    I haven't heard of Staring Girl or Tim Burton.

    I love the fabric you got. Great choices!

  4. Love your dolls - don't feel despondent about the market - you just never know what peeps are going to want:) And your stitching is way cool. Can't wait to see what else you whip up! Ciao


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