Friday, December 17, 2010

Up, Up and Away

Tomorrow I'm off to Vietnam and Cambodia.
The last few weeks have been mad. I've had end of year parties, finishing up the term with my gorgeous students, cleaning and shifting classrooms, professional development sessions for the new National Curriculum, writing Maths activities for next year, birthdays, going to Sydney last weekend for a family celebration.
I am exhausted!
View from my cousin's balcony in Sydney
So now I'm packing, cleaning - because I know no one will do anything while I'm gone and doing my usual panic.
We've got friends coming tomorrow from Perth in a campervan and I am going to miss them. They have been driving all over Australia for a couple of months. Really sad not to see them.
I haven't sewn anything serious for weeks but I have packed a couple of Staring Girl embroideries that I hope I can work on whilst flying. As long as they don't deem my sewing needle too dangerous.
Anyway I will try to keep up with what everyone is doing in Blog land but I probably won't be posting for nearly a month. I don't know how I will cope but I hear Vietnam has cheap internet access so maybe...


  1. INsanely jealous but you go and have a FAB time!!!! Vietnam is my must go to place so it will be cool to hear your adventures. The sites and colours and! You will have a ball. Relax and soak it up:) Ciao

  2. Have a fantastic trip. I have been to both places and loved them. Bring good shoes ;) especially for those temples in Siem Reap. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

  3. You have a lot going on for yourself!
    What an exciting trip! I can not wait to hear more about your adventures! All I can think is colors and textures.. take them all in!

  4. I hope your trip is fabulous! You deserve it! Enjoy! I will be excited to hear about it when you return!

    I am jealous of your friends who are traveling around Australia. I hope to do that some day!

  5. Have a wonderful trip! Be sure to look up

  6. Wow! What a whirlwind!! Have a fab time. When you get back, I just might have some new fabric prints to play with.(I've been thinking about the girl's drawings, too....).


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