Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Quickie

On the weekend I just had to go back to Amitie to have a last look at what was still on sale. I found a premade pack of fabric for half price that I thought might be fun to try out.
In just 2.5 hours I had this cut, sewn, recut and sewn to make a quilt top. Apart from the pattern, I realised how cleverly the colours were picked to be put together. I've always relied on buying fabric from the same maker because ranges are matched for you. From this little pack I learned that one fabric was the basis of the range. Fabrics were chosen that were in some way the same as the first print. Small prints and large designs were also chosen as were solid colours and more 'watered down' with white prints. In the end I thought it made for a fine balance.


  1. What a fun lot of prints! I know a small girl who would bew ga-ga over that one.

    Could this be the start of a whole new way of working with colour for you? I'll be watching with interest!

  2. Love your color combinations! I just love pink and green together!


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