Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

The life of this quilt all began in May this year. I bought a large collection of blue/green Kaffe Fassett fabric and had no idea what to make with it. This is a normal thing for me. Fabric needs to be looked at on the shelf prior to cutting.

Meanwhile, amongst other things, I made a yellow quilt for my niece as a wedding present.

As much as I wanted to get started I could not think of a way to use the blues. On one of my 'reading other people's blogs days' I found a fun block on Be*mused that stuck in my mind.

With that as inspiration and a whole lot of scrap yellows from the wedding quilt, the new quilt began. I put yellows and blues together - something I would never do. I decided that this quilt could be as mismatched as I liked.  For me, it was a big step away from safety. In the past, picking fabric from the same theme always saved me from thinking whether colours would match or not. Although I only used Kaffe fabric for the quilt, they were opposites in colours.

Here are some of my first blocks. Yuk!

During the same time I found a Facbook page that had Kaffe Fassett comment on your quilts. When the quilt top was finished I posted it to the page and waited for a comment from Kaffe. He did, at last, post a comment. "There is more contrast in this quilt than I usually like but I like the cool pallet and the setting is stunning, best wishes Kaffe." I was so excited that he wrote to me but I think he liked my back yard trees better than the quilt!

Anyway, with many projects happening at the same time, the quilt was basted but lay folded in my lounge, awaiting the final touches for 5 months.
When I saw that Amy's Creative Side was running her Bloggers Quilt Festival I decided that now was the time to quilt and bind my experiment together.

The garden has grown so much in 5 months with all the rain we have had recently.

I call it my Yuk Yum Quilt.
One block was not made correctly but I kept it as it was. Surprises are fun if you don't think of them as mistakes!


  1. What great quilts! I have a stash of Kaffe fabrics and have been trying to figure out what to do with them. I love the block you used. I have lots more of the yellows and oranges but pairing them with the blues and purples is a super solution. Thanks for sharing the quilts and the story!

  2. A wonderful collection of pattern and vibrant colour!!!

  3. I love this. Love Kaffe's fabrics. Where is this blog where he posts comments? Seems to me he often has lots of contrast in his quilts. I think you did a marvelous job of mixing your fabrics and colors. Love your garden too.

  4. What beautiful fabrics you used in your quilt. And you garden looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like the contrast and colour!! (What would Kaffe know about it...?) I think it's great to break out from behind the creative safety barrier from time to time.

  6. I think your Yuk Yum quilt is mighty funky. Got have some 'uglies' in a quilt. It makes it interesting. That's how I rationale my 'I don't really love my fabric choice but am sticking with it'. I really love the blue colour palette.Gorgeous Kaffe prints. The yellow wedding quilt is beuatiful.

  7. I can't believe Kaffe responded to your quilt! Lucky you! I love the block pattern and the quilt! Good for you going out of the line of safety! I think that makes us better quilters. ( we say, "out of the box")

  8. Love both your quilts and I do not think there's too much contrast ( that's my humble opinion ;)in your blue/green one. But I'm amazed at your garden. Can't believe the difference a bit of rain makes.

  9. I love your quilt and I love your colors! It is beautiful!! Hugs to you

  10. Lovely quilt! And hey, you got a comment from Kaffe on it - and he likes it, too! To me, your colors are just perfect. Glad you finished this one!!


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