Sunday, March 17, 2013

On my trip overseas with my husband last year, we spent 3 days in Bangkok. We were totally scammed by a guy who pretended to take us to a shopping mall. Unfortunately all we managed to find was a tailor's company that made suits and shirts and things. I was so cross but started to laugh when I found another family, equally baffled at being there. In the end, despite my protests my husband ordered 3 shirts to be made for himself. 
On returning home, he discovered that along with all the other things he bought, his cupboard was overly full. His old shirts were so much nicer that the new ones but he started cleaning and clearing and lucky me was the recipient of some great checks and stripes.
It has taken me nearly 6 months to cut them all up and this weekend I decided to start making blocks.

I've got heaps of fabric so I will make a few more blocks and then decide if I will add sashing and borders. Quite a tone down from my usual colours.
A friend from my stitching group has become a grandmother and to celebrate I thought I would give her a quilt I made quite a while ago just because I loved the fabric but not for any real reason.
I am so glad I have found a recipient.
I still love this print.

And to continue the theme I backed it with this...

The last bit of stitching was actually a redo.

 No more touching blocks.
Happy now.


  1. Toned down yes but still so interesting! I love how you've put four patches in the middle of those Sawtooth stars, and how each block is unique but works together with its neighbors. Beautiful blues with sentimental value too. And your Dick and Jane quilt is adorable.

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