Thursday, September 6, 2012

Playing with the Dresden Template

I never really liked the Dresden style of quilt until I saw a fabulous cushion cover made by Louise from Amitie. I've linked her name to her Flickr account but unfortunately she hasn't put the cushion cover up yet. She has made some great stuff so it's worth visiting her photostream. 
Perhaps it was all the hand stitching that scared me. The little ties can be stitched on the machine but I hand stitched the whole piece onto the grey background.  Anyway I loved the concept and on the weekend I had a go. Here is the top so far. The hand work is not so bad if you only have to make one.

Besides that I've made a few pot mitts,

and some more taggies.


  1. Love the Dresden plate, the colours are beautiful. Are you going to make a cushion from it too? I've seen Dresden plates appliqued by machine to the background if you really don't like to do it by hand.

  2. Love your Block Mel the Fabrics really make it Zing..Gorgeous.

  3. The dresden looks great, I've been playing with this pattern lately too. Good to explore some variations. Yours will make a lovely cushion.


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