Sunday, August 7, 2011

Methodical and Organised

Methodical and organised was the approach to this quilt.

It all started when I was playing with some left over diamonds and squares on the carpet. After I left my little simple arrangement where it was, my no.2 son walked past and asked if I minded him playing with them. He just can't resist a possible play with tessellating shapes.
This is what he did.
It's not so easy to see but these were the blueprints. From here I started cutting more diamonds and squares and slowly the picture became clearer.
Dare I say, no one was allowed to walk on the carpet for a couple of days until I had cut every shape out.
There are no normal blocks in this quilt. I worked out that it was made up from a few shapes. The main shape was this pod.
There were edges and corners.
And sets of red squares.
I collected all the sets of pods and clipped them together.
There were about 20 sets of red squares and 12 edges.
I had to draw on the back of every patch with 1/4" lines so that I could line everything up. 
It's still not finished and I am undecided whether to put on some extra borders because it is quite small but I am really happy with the final result.
I think I may cut out some more shapes and just leave them lying around. You never know who might pick them up to play with.


  1. My goodness! You AND your son are geniuses! This is a great quilt. Perhaps a bit complicated for my skill, but worth it. Love the colors and the design!!

  2. Awesome design! You two make a great design team! When will you publish the first pattern?


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