Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lost and Found

Once, a while ago, I was trawling through other people's blogs when I found some clever crafters creating little embroidered pieces from vintage designs. 
I used to have some of those transfer designs but where were they?
A search brought nothing until, months later, I was looking for something else and I found the transfers instead.
They had been packed away, none too carefully, in a crumpled paper bag.
Here are some of the things I found.

Check out the date on this one. 1960!
My mum used to buy about 6 women's magazines a week. She followed all the love stories which used to come as serials. There were always little gifts in the magazines. We collected and actually made some of the embroideries from the transfers.

Here is one I found that I had made in my teens. I think I gave up on it because I realised that it should have been made on a larger piece of fabric. My skills have improved enough for me to save and finish this little piece. 
I could have so easily thrown these out when we shifted house. So glad I didn't. I do enjoy big clean outs and I think I threw out some things that perhaps I should have kept. It is so hard to tell what you will miss. I understand the hoarders mentality.


  1. How lovely is that little stitchery! You obviously always had it "in you".

  2. I have the hoarders mentality and I'm SO GLAD that this little bundle survived in your stash!!! Absolute treasure! I'm looking forward to seeing where/how this ends up.

  3. Your embroidery is such a treasure! Isn't it great that you know how to add fabric to it now, and make it a real gem!

  4. NIce! That little bird reminds me of a BOM that some quilters are doing now. Check this link:


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