Sunday, September 12, 2010

I thought this would take a day to knock up.

With most of the squares laid out and some cutting still to go, it didn't seem too big a job. I thought a solid day sewing and it would all be put together. How wrong I was. After sewing and cutting for 6 solid hours I still had two thirds to go and had to get my family to carefully walk around the carpet to get to the dinner table. 

My design rug is right in the middle of the house and the main thoroughfare to the living spaces. The family are fairly used to my mess so I left it there on the floor over night. Another whole day and night of sewing and still not done. 
Finally, day three and here it is.
I have to say that I am in love with the colours and the way it's turned out but my poor fingers are aching and my back is not much better. I made the squares 3" which means they ended up only 2.5". The quilt is not all that big but I don't want to add a border. I might just have to do it all over again but with larger squares.


  1. It turned out fantastic! I love the colours. I'm not surprised you have sore fingers and a sore back. So give it a little rest before you start the next one ;).

  2. This is looking amazing! I love the colors and the design is fabulous!

  3. Gorgeous colours Meli. They are what I would call paua colours, like those inside our paua shell. Bet you are pleased with your final result, even if you are paying for it at the moment. Lucky you having a family who tolerate you leaving your blocks lying on the floor....mine moan and groan, and the cat insists on attacking them with a passion!!!!! Ciao.

  4. This is divine, I love the colours you have used here.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous colors! I agree - no border - it's just perfect the way it is :)

  6. Melissa, this looks fantastic! Good for you!

    I had to smile about the design rug!


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