Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Pot Mitts and Baby Quilts

A couple of friends came over yesterday for a visit. One is travelling overseas and one was looking for presents to send away. I sold a softie and they ordered 3 pot mitts as gifts. I still had some koala fabric left so I made these.

Bon Voyage!

Earlier on in the day I put the border on 2 cot quilts that look like this .........

And today I put the blue cot quilt together. It still needs a border.

Hopefully, tonight I will have time to do some stitching in front of the TV. Although I have the sniffles, it has been a lovely 2 days of sewing.

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  1. You do stitching in front of the TV like I do. Once I sew my quilt together, I pin baste and then I handquilt my baby quilts in front of the TV. I get to watch my favorite shows and my quilts get done too.



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