Monday, August 30, 2010

I think size does matter!

There is a certain amount of envy and awe in my bones when I read Red Pepper Quilt's blog. Everything seems to match, fit exactly and is stitched evenly.
On the weekend I attempted to machine quilt a cot quilt. Usually I make big quilts and they always cause me grief with pinched stitches where the lines meet.
Here is what I discovered on the weekend.
If you pull down on the quilt as you stitch it, the fabric stretches enough to stop the folding over at crossroads. I have always tried to spread the fabric horizontally. Now I hang on to the the part that has just gone under the needle at the back, and the bit that is feeding in through the front. The quilt is stretched vertically (in the same direction as the stitching).
Next I decided not to quilt in the ditch as according to the guru at Red Pepper - it's harder.
Lastly, I think the fact that the quilt was only little also made a huge difference. I didn't have to carry all the weight of the fabric, roll it up to fit through the machine or concentrate for so long.
So small it better when we are talking about quilting!
I stitched everything in one direction first

And then I went the other way.
It's still not perfect but no pinched fabric makes me so happy.

I am on holiday from school at the moment so I spent 5 hours whipping up another quilt with my friend Rivka. We made 25 X 9" blocks out of some of her scrap fabrics. Her friend is paying me to make the quilt and Rivka is supplying the fabric. Silly me, gave her back the blocks without taking photos but they will have to come back for the sashings etc. I just have to wait for them to choose colours.
I did get to read, go out for coffee and have a walk in the sunshine too.


  1. Would you look at that perfect stitching!!!
    Move over Rita!!

  2. I agree, those stitches do look fantastic!! Hope you had a good walk in the sunshine. Enjoy your hols! Vreni xx

  3. Ah-ha! Good quilting tips for me to file away for my adventures into quilt world!!

    Hope you enjoyed that gorgeous day today.

  4. Machine quilting is all in the basting and in the practice. If you baste it well you won't have any trouble. Look how close Rita bastes her quilt I am sure she has a tutorial and she uses safety pins which is what I prefer to use as I find the spray baste gums up the needle.


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