Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maybe I am Slightly Obsessive

I think I have this obsessive personality. If I get an idea and I receive even the slightest positive feedback I just go nuts and make lots of whatever it is. This week it was pot mitts. Admittedly I had already made a few but when I took those few to school it was suggested I make some more. It was full steam ahead and some have happily been sold to new homes. Boy I hope they really do work. They are filled with 2 layers of wadding and some insulated wadding. I am nearly over the mania as they are really annoying to stuff but I will have to make some more for the market I am doing in November. They are really great for getting rid of some of your scrap fabric.
Here they are. It was hard to part with a few - I do get attached. I have to get used to selling stuff because I need to justify (only to myself) the growing stack of quilts, toys and fabric in my house. Its everywhere.

I have been playing with Flickr and can't work out how to get a mosaic of photos onto my blog. I worked out how to make the mosaic but it was all blurred in the blog. I need to play some more but if anyone can help, please send me a message.


  1. You are really on fire, aren't you? But I love the look of your pot holder, they look really thick and I'm sure they do what they are supposed to! Try this website for making a photo mosaic: I've just stared using it and it's easy. Cheers Vreni

  2. Hi Melli B! Love your pot holders! Will catch up with you at the market to look at your range. Have a cousin in UK who would adore these!
    Disie E

  3. OH, I love those pot mitts! Are they the ones you sell?

    If so I'd love to buy the 2 with the yellow apples!

    I'll e-mail you about it!


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