Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I have been neglecting my blog since school has gone back. I have been neglecting my making of things a little bit too. I have started a baby blanket for my nephew whose wife is having a baby.
The blanket is a cashmere wool and the wool fabric pieces are from Amitie and Creswick.

I like to embroider so I think that I will have fun adding the details.  The only problem is, that with babies there is a finite time to complete the task.

I have also been reading lots of blogs rather than writing my own and it seems that lots of you have this idea for using old scraps of fabrics and just adding them on to each other, so I pulled out all my old Amy Butlers and the gorgeous yellow strips that I cut too many of from the wedding quilt and made these.

I really was quite happy with myself when I had finished this lot and I ended up making a stack of others, all shapes and sizes.  Fabrics that have been lying around in boxes for years have been quickly sewn together to make rather interesting shapes and combinations. 
So now can someone please tell me what to do with these guys? 

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  1. I love the baby quilt you are working on. Did you design it yourself? And your blocks look stunning. What about making it into a bag? Or a wall hanging?
    Have a great weekend. Vreni


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