Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beach Days and Redback Spiders

I just spent 2 blissful days on the beach in Blairgowrie. The weather was fine, the tide was out so we could dig around for crabs and creepy crawlies, the walks were long and beautiful and the food was delicious.

As for the Redback, it was huge and in the outdoor fireplace but my photo was not so good of it. The snake was a baby Brown Snake-very poisonous so it fit in with the theme of the Redback. Lucky it was squashed before we got there. Anyone would think the coast was dangerous.

So going on the theme of Redbacks, today I was helping a friend baste her quilt. She took her fabric out of the bag and out popped a spider. Yep, another redback but the bag was from her son's bedroom at home in Melbourne. I don't know that I would be sleeping in that room tonight.

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