Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Stitches and Craft Show

Last week I visited the Stitches and Craft Show. I didn't take too many photos. There were lots of beautiful quilts to see, mostly done in the traditional style.

There was a beautiful quilt that followed the Mystery Quilt Blocks from 2012 Quilt Mania magazines designed by Yoko Saito.

This has all been done by needle turn, however, I saw a similar one created by one of the stall holders. Hers was done using vliesofix and just having a raw edge, more my style!
After seeing all the gorgeous fabrics used in the quilts, I couldn't resist buying some fabric from the same stall. They were half price. How could I resist?
They also had a really old quilt on show from Janet O'Dell's Antique Quilt Collection. In the same area they had a whole lot of quilts that were inspired by the antique one. I loved the way they all looked in their rows. Their geometric patterns really popped out when you looked through the lens of a camera at them.

The Crazy Tea Cosy Lady - Loani Prior was at the show again.
I do have a soft spot for her craziness.

It was a fun day out.


  1. That was exactly my impression too; there were lots of traditional quilts. I was also surprised how many were professionally quilted by long arm quilters. It seems no one has time to hand quilt anymore. A share really!

  2. Thank you for the peek at the show! So many beautiful medallions. I love those tea cozies.

  3. What a lovely show! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I don't ever get tired of looking at the traditional quilts. They are timeless! I love those cozies!

  4. love those homes and tea pot covers...thank you for the tour...

  5. Oh what a lovely show! I really enjoy seeing the photos of the quilts you chose. The tea cosy is great fun!


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