Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taggies, Kaffe Quilt and Pot Mitts

In a burst of energy, I created a stack of taggies. I have so much Minki to use up. There have been a few babies born to staff at work, grandchildren and acquaintances etc and these are the best little gift to share.

Another job that had been hanging around was the finishing of the binding for one of Rivka's quilts.
I had been staring at the quilt for a couple of months. Half the binding was on, but the last few stitches just never seemed to come.
Here it is, not fully stretched as my husband's arms just couldn't reach all the way to the ends.

Last of all, a pair of pot mitts. My son is moving out with some friends and they just had to have some pot mitts to use in their new kitchen. Every thing in their kitchen is cream and plain so I made these mitts with the plainest linen I could find in my stash. I couldn't resist using the mustard backing though. The glasses are so perfect for my son. He must have lost or broken a dozen pairs of them and although he is far less forgetful these days, they just remind me of him before he grew up and left home.


  1. What a good idea these little taggies are. It's great to have a stash of little goodies at hand when you need a gift in a hurry. Rivka's quilt must have given you some muscles when feeding it under the machine as it's enormous. Cute pot holders.

  2. Wow, a great burst of energy, what fabulous gift ideas!! Love the quilt and I'm assuming your house is about to get a little quieter soon?! Great mitts! xo

  3. Your potholders are GREAT! They motivate me to get some done for my son as well! He never asks, but I know he'd like your neutral lovelies!
    Now, the Kaffee Faccett quilt is out of this world! Is that your piece? Did you design it? I have been collecting modestly and wondering how in the world to combine all of those colors! You nailed it.

  4. Sweet pot mitts for your son. Surely he won't lose these! Are the taggies used as little toys for babies? Looks like lots of texture for them to touch and chew on.


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