Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holiday Quilting

My friend Rivka, who has commissioned me to make quite a few quilts now, delivered her Liberty Quilt back to me, after having had it professionally quilted. The final binding was added and after many months, was ready to live on her bed. We made this quilt together, cutting, ironing and stitching. This one took ages to put together and in the end I had to scrap together every last square inch of fabric to complete the last few blocks.

It's queen size, but looks like a single from the photo. I didn't get a chance to photograph the binding which was mainly charcoal and really defined the border.
Next, Rivka pulled out of her bag a whole stack of blocks that she had made in a fit of creativity and then stopped. As per her usual style, nothing was measured, pinned or uniform. As free spirited as she is herself!
A few hours later, we had everything cut to a slightly more regular fit, many more blocks made and the horizontal sashings attached. 
The aim of this quilt was that it was going to be used for her TV watching evenings. It is so long, it can totally wrap around you for snuggling up on cold winter evenings.
 It is so bright and happy.
Getting all inspired to do my own stitching I added another border to the Denyse Schmidt medallion.
Can't decide whether I should do any more.


  1. Wow! So much fun and inspiration in this post. I love everything here. You've got a very fun "partner in crime" on the first two quilts. They are fabulous. I love your medallion too! That last border, echoing the middle is brilliant, and really ties it all together.

  2. You have been a busy bee in your holidays. Love both quilts you've made with your friend and I think the added border ton your Denyse Schmidt medallion completes it brilliantly. Well done!

  3. Those Liberty colors look great, and just "wow" about your medallion quilt!

  4. Such a beautiful Liberty quilt, and beautifully quilted. Your medallion quilt is a stunner. I adore it done in DS fabrics. xo

  5. That Liberty Quilt is beautiful! I love your DS quilt!


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