Monday, December 30, 2013

Making a Medallion using Flea Market Fancy

I've been playing with these blocks for ages and really not liking them very much but now that I am on school holidays, I have had a bit more time to think and play. The Flea Market Fancy quilt blocks have been joint together to be the centre of a medallion quilt.
A couple of borders were added
 Flying ducks were prepared
With another border too.
I'm liking the look of this a whole lot more now and the next few rows of blocks are nearly ready to join.
I just love holidays!


  1. Yea! You really brought this quilt to life. It sings and dances now!

  2. Oh, I do love this quilt! The borders and flying geese do wonders for it! It makes me want to dig out my Flea Market Fancy fabric, but not yet! I just started a pink and green quilt!


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