Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gwen Marston Class

While this is all fresh in my head, I am going to try to post everybody's work from our class today.
Amitie hosted Gwen Marston to come and teach a very lucky group of people about how to be a 'liberated quilter'. We learned that there are no rules, mistakes, formulas to making a quilt. Gwen, over many years of research found that quilters of the past did not always follow patterns. In fact, they would chop corners off, cut triangles in half, add extra strips etc to make their borders fit and lo and behold, those very unformulated quilts are what major museums show as masterpieces. we were shown a few simple techniques she uses as well as some gorgeous quilts which are featured in her books.
So, in an endeavour to get this all up before I start cooking dinner...
 Debra from My Patchwork Palace
Sorry, I missed your name!
 Nelly from Pumpkin Mamas
Natasha also from Pumpkin Mamas
Leanne - who used fabric from her first ball gown as the centrepiece of her medallion quilt
And finally Pat's mini masterpiece all stitched on this little antique Singer sewing machine.

As for what I made, well, it is bright and not fit for your eyes just yet.
I do hope I got everyone's name correct. Some of the people holding the quilts aren't the makers, just the person closest to the piece at the time.
Gwen is a fabulous teacher, very relaxed and encouraging.
I believe she will no longer be teaching at her retreat on Beaver Island in the States but the retreat is being taken over by some other ladies; Sue Nickels and Pat Holly so all is not lost.


  1. Hi Melissa....how good are you! Great post and pics. It was such a fabulous day. Thanks for sharing......Marie x

  2. What fun to see your photos! You are all a very talented bunch. I'm so glad you got to spend the day with Gwen. I wish that day for every quilt maker.

  3. Wow! Lucky you! The class sounds fun! I sure would like to see your quilt. HInt, hint!

  4. Thanks for sharing and I would love to have been there. That would have been so much fun and I love everything!!! I'd like to see what you made!!

  5. Looks like you had a fun and interesting class. I love the idea of "liberated quilting"! And I also would like to see what you made ;)!

  6. I'm doing classes with Gwen on Sunday and Monday in Sydney. I'm so excited and even more so after seeing your photos of your class with Gwen. I bet your little quilt will be beautiful!!

  7. Thanks Melissa for posting the photos - we have been away and I have just caught up with them. It was a fantastic workshop - I think we all came away feeling inspired and enthusiastic. Gwen was fabulous - how lucky were we.

  8. Lucky, lucky, lucky girl!!! xo


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