Sunday, July 28, 2013

Craft and Quilt Fair

I went to the fair today with a few ideas of what I wanted to do. I had seen a You Tube Video on paper piecing that mentioned an "add a quarter ruler" that is supposed to be very useful for foundation piecing so I bought one of those as well as some other bits and pieces that I haven't taken photos of; linen to knit, a fat 1/8th and some handbag handle clips. We will see whether they ever turn into something.
I always look forward to seeing the quilts but I didn't feel the love this year. There were the usual hand pieced masterpieces that I admire but will never attempt.

Made between 1820- 1830 in the UK
Irish Circle by Helen Collins of Wodonga
Chrysoberyl by Bronwyn van't Hoff
Cheltenham by Sonia Higgs
Birdsong in the Black Forest by Lisa Anderson
Sanity Saver By Sonia Higgs

And this was pretty cool - a quilt called Broken Dishes that was made by Michelle Bardwell and linked back to Nifty Quilt's blog for the tutorial.

There were also some crazy knitted tea cosies by Loani Prior
 Princess Beatrice
 Princess Eugenie
If you are into tea cosies, Laoni has written a couple of gorgeous books called 'Really Wild Tea Cosies'
And after all of that I went home to test out my new quilter's ruler.
I used a template designed by Ayumi from Pink Penguin.
It worked but it is a messy business!
I also watched the You Tube video again on paper piecing. How good it it?
You want to learn something new and sure enough it is on the web.

I have been stitching and knitting lots but the blogging has practically stopped.
I'm just a lazy girl these days - sorry.
Here are some pictures:


  1. Even if you haven't blogged lately, you certainly haven't been lazy. You are working on some gorgeous projects. I know what you mean about the quilts at the show; all beautiful, but not necessarily what I would want to make either.

  2. Oh my goodness! The talent and workmanship in Australia always amaze me. Thank you for the photos. Your projects are wonderful too!

  3. Now how did I miss you at the show yesterday? arggh! I love all the photo's you took, I hardly took one! Oh, and I'm just scraping my jaw of the ground after I saw your Keiko fabrics quilt...wowee, I need to see more of that! xo

  4. My wife is big time into crafts and blanket and quilt making. I would love to show her my appreciation for her skills and talents. What is something crafty and sewing oriented that I could get her? What is the most common thing that a person who sews would want to recieve?



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