Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shopping Therapy and Sewing

I've been running at top speed this week, getting to know my new students and trying to catch up with the massive amount of paperwork that has been thrown my way. This weekend has been my chance to catch up so after typing up a few things for school I noticed that all the emails I had written in the last 2 weeks were still sitting in my Outbox! We changed internet providers during my absence and I hadn't set it up properly so I am sorry to anyone I haven't replied to. I really did say hi and the email has now been sent.
I am a girl that thrives on retail therapy but not the usual girlie therapy. I do like new things to wear but the best new things for me are in the way of textiles.
Although I probably have about 10 projects incomplete and awaiting my attention, I decided another wouldn't go astray. I just had to do it.
It's not a patchwork project that I needed but a woollen one, despite the high temperatures we are  enjoying in Melbourne at the moment. 
The wool is a gorgeous Rowan Felted Tweed and it knits up beautifully.
The thing about knitting is that it is extremely transportable.
I'm not doing the thing on the cover, just a little cardigan - I hope.
I don't want it to be another case of a half done project.
In India, my sister bought a beautiful patch worked bag, which was missing a strap.
I was lucky enough to find a woven strap from Zigu Zagu in Malvern and attached it to the bag.

If you live in Melbourne this is a 'must go to' place.
It has the most fabulous range of Japanese fabrics and lots of other interesting textile things.
The strap came from a box of oddments (treasures).
I have bought cotton kimonos from here in the past and pulled them apart and then used the fabric for some quilt backing. Cheap and easy to do.
The other thing I wanted to show you was I did manage to finish my little Malka Dubrawsky Quilt before I went overseas.
 I just machine quilted it with wavy lines and backed it with the same check fabric that I used for the border.
I was so much more organised at the end of the year than I am now.
I think I am always in a state of panic at the beginning of the school year.
Can't wait till I calm down and get back into rhythm.


  1. Love the Malka Dubrawsky quilt! As soon as I've seen that fabric line I had to have it. But since then it has been sitting idle in my stash. I must take it out and do something with it. Love the Indian patchwork bag your sister bought. Why was the handle missing? Is it an old one. Glad you found the right strap. Is your sister going to use it? I do hope that things start to calm down and that you can find your "rhythm" again!

  2. That yarn is lovely! I having been toying with the idea of learning to knit!

    Your newly finished quilt is lovely! I really like that line of fabric!

  3. I never knew when the school year began in Australia - (In the US it's late August/early September. Here in Japan it's April). I remember the feeling well - teaching is all consuming especially in the beginning of the year and it always took me a while to build stamina. I love the kimono blue and white stripes for backing, and your finished quilt - it's beautiful. Those dark sashing strips are teeny tiny! Best wishes to you as you get back into the swing of things!


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