Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hand Sewing and some Machine Quilting

It's been a weekend of nothing new.
But also a weekend of working on.
This was the first time I put the binding on a quilt by machine. It was just something I had to try. It looks okay but I think hand binding is so much nicer and for me, it gives me a chance to say good bye to my quilt. I love the final process.

I've been spending every chance I have hand quilting this too. I have decided to give it to my son's girlfriend's family. He has been living with them for the last 5 months in Sydney while he has been studying. They have had to put up with his mess, washing, and for sure, his commandeering of the TV and couch. The have had to watch Aussie rules instead of NRL and I think they are saints. They already had 4 kids and took my boy in without blinking an eye. He took my Marimekko comforter up there and they were saying how they were going to miss snuggling under it while watching TV so I am excited that this quilt will fill the gap. When he comes home in August, this will be finished and in it's place.

I started machine quilting the Bicycle Quilt.
Another round is on the Wheel of Fortune.
I guess it's been a good weekend.


  1. You've done very well with that binding. I've tried it once too, but cant' say that I've been very successful. Do you sew from the front or the back? And I love your "Wheel of Fortune", it's already looking fantastic.

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I love your story about your son. Surely they will cherish your quilt!

  3. The binding is perfect, of course and the Wheel of Fortune looks amazing.

  4. You betcha - what lovely achievements. I have been working on a new quilt too and have just started school holidays, so am hoping for LOTS of sewing time. The family will LOVE the quilt. A lovely personal gift.


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