Saturday, March 6, 2010

Productive Day

It been a good day for sewing. First I went to Amitie to match a backing for a quilt top I made over the holidays. I bought all these scrap pieces of kimono fabric from a reject bin at Kazari in Richmond. They smelt terrible so I had to wash them all first - they still were smelling rather different from the lovely cotton smell I am used to. They ironed well despite the dip in detergent and I spent a couple of afternoons cutting and sewing the pieces together. They were really interesting fabrics with different textures and weaves. I will definitely visit them again.

Anyway, I didn't get such a positive response from my family so I put the quilt away to think about. I decided to have another look at it today and bought a lovely chocolate brown variegated fabric to back it with. I also bought some yellow Kaffe Fassett fabric to finish another quilt. That's now complete as well.

Next job was to finish the Moonbeam baby dolls I had started at the market.
Done - sewn and ready for stuffing.
So at last I was able to work in earnest on my nieces' quilt. 28 patches made and 14 to go.

Now to clean up the mess the storm has made. The hail stones made holes in our porch roof and water poured into our family room through the doors. The volume of water was just too much for the down pipes. At least the garden looks happy.


  1. The colour in the bottom quilt SINGS! I also like the muted tones of the Kimono fabric - and I bet the textures are interesting.

    Wasn't that storm something else? I watched it come in over us from my 3rd storey studio. The sky was almost purple as it swept in.

  2. Ooooh I particularly love that last quilt - they look like S S S - are my eyes seeing that? It's a little bit like the one I am going for my son. Lovely to meet you over at my blog, and come again, anytime.


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