Tuesday, March 2, 2010

5 new Moonbeam Babies waiting to be stitched up

I've had these guys ready for a week but I have left them by the wayside because I have been so excited about my new fabric. I have stitched up another quilt and started cutting the new fabric for my niece's quilt. I always seem to have 5 projects on the go at once. Anyway it all seems to come together in the end, usually during school holidays when I have some time off. I have to stop making so many of them but it's so hard to resist.
This is the quilt I should really finish before starting the next one. I managed to get most of it done but ran out of the the yellow fabric. Will have to buy some more before it runs out.

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  1. And they are so cute, no wonder you can't resist. I'm still taken with the little guy with all the teeth though... Looks so mischeveous!


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