Friday, March 21, 2014

Months of Stitches - Piggies, Liberty and Minky

My Piggies Quilt Top was finished just on a year ago.
Well now the back is done too.
I hand stitched the whole thing in white perle cotton.
It is still a mass of too many colours but I love this quilt and think I might have to save it for a special baby of the future. The patches are all my favourite fabrics. The backing is from Ikea. I think it was a child's sheet. They had a few great designs when I bought it but this one isn't available any more.
The binding is on too but I forgot to take a photo of it.
Whilst I was working on the piggies, I started a new quilt.
I bought these fabrics, and a few others, in a sale pack. They are Liberty prints. When they arrived, I was a little disappointed in them and packed them away. They have been quietly waiting for some inspiration for years!
Well finally it came. The idea was to match them with various background pale blue colours. I want the blues to vary but not by much.
I am happy with the way they have worked but I have run out of the Liberties and the blues and I need more. I have hardly bought any new fabrics for ages and am trying to work through what I have but I think I will have to lash out to finish this off.

Maybe I need to reconfigure it.
Anyway I had to put it on the back burner because my friend Rivka brought two more of her quilts to finish after having them quilted professionally.
This first one is huge!
Big enough to wrap around a couple of people at once. It is a mighty 3mt x 2mt.
 Backed with hot pink minky and quilted all over with hearts.
It is so warm and cuddly.
The colours are totally wild.
Rivka made the bulk of the blocks and I just put in the sashings, a few extra blocks and the binding.
I real team effort.
Sometimes it is sad to see a quilt go home but I am glad Rivka is finally keeping this quilt for herself. I think I have made her around 8 quilts now and she has always generously given them to her friends as gifts.
Here is a peek of the second quilt. I am loving the black and white binding.


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  2. Oh my! So much fun here. I LOVE your red diamonds. I suppose you could make an appliqué block for the middle if you couldn't find enough fabric. Your "piggies" quilt is SO happy and will be absolutely cherished by someone special. Congratulations on your finish!! It's fun to see Rivka's quilts too.

  3. That piggy quilt is so much fun, I'm not surprised you can't give it away just yet. I love that it is so colourful, perfect for a baby. All your other project are great too; are these granny squares you are making with the liberty fabrics? And what a "monster" (size wise) you and your friend made. Wow! Have a great weekend.

  4. Nice work all around! I love your new blocks! I have fabric like that that I have put away and then wait for inspiration. I am starting a quilt that I have been waiting for just the right pattern. I think I have found it!


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