Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Pigs Made Me Do It.

Not so long ago I found myself making an x + quilt. It was filled with lots of lovely 2" squares and tiny little triangles. It was fiddly, time consuming and annoying until the end when I decided it was fabulous. Despite the happy ending, I swore if I ever made another one it would be with bigger blocks.
Then along came these sweet little pigs.

I didn't even need new fabric but I had a gift voucher for fabric at Central Park Patchwork and discovered that they were selling all their patchwork fabric off and changing the whole shop around to sell just Liberty and linen. Not one to waste a perfectly good gift voucher, the pigs came home with me. Pouring over all the blocks in Judy Hopkin's '501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks' book, I found a sort of donut block that I could centre the pigs in. The only problem was that it required lots of dreaded 2" blocks. Despite this shortcoming I started cutting fabric last weekend.
I discovered that I was not nearly as irritated by all the little pieces as last time. This was much easier to piece and I could use up so many little pieces from my scrap pile.

I've made about 30 blocks now and 20 more are nearly done. I will have to make another 6 to get it to 7x8 size and then I will decide if I will add borders. 

It's actually been very good therapy for me.
I've been writing reports and I usually have trouble sitting at the PC for long periods of time. Whenever I got sick of the reports I just picked up where I left off on the blocks.
This weekend was very good for working. Two of my sons are studying for exams so we have all been peacefully working on our projects.


  1. I love those blocks and all together they look fabulous. I'm sure it's good distraction from report writing.

  2. The pigs are adorable especially surrounded by all those colors!

  3. This is looking great, love the little pigs. Hope your report writing is coming along, and all the best to your boys doing exams.

  4. This is wonderful! I love all the colors and the little pigs.


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