Sunday, October 21, 2012

Parson Gray Play

In the beginning there were some blocks.
I was happy with them at the time but had run out of fabric to make more blocks that size and I really didn't know what else to do with them so they were packed away and boxed. That was in July.
When I came back from overseas I was a bit at a loss as to what I wanted to make. I had been knitting on the trip so it was hard to get my head into fabric. As well as that, the catch up on blogs was huge and my mind was all in a spin because of the new sounds and sights I had experienced during my travels.
Last week I opened the shoe box containing these Parson Gray blocks and thought they would be a simple way to start sewing again. I bought a little bit more fabric and made a few more blocks. It was just a little bit boring but I cut and patched about half an hour each day.
I had enough blocks to make something but it didn't quite feel right.
It needed some life to it. I had saved all the corners from the snowballs so I sewed a whole lot together.

And popped them in the middle of the larger blocks. Unfortunately the block ended up half an inch larger than the other blocks. I really wanted it in the quilt so to compromise and accommodate its size without trimming it, I sewed all the other blocks with an eighth inch seam and that seemed to work!

Feeling that the quilt was still missing a bit of oomph I added a border of cut offs from all the 3 inch squares. It seemed to make the whole thing feel a bit more alive.

Of course, the minute I laid it out on the grass, the neighbour's cat, Remy, came to investigate.
It's not a very large quilt but I am ready to say it's complete.
This is the scarf I made while away. I had no issues knitting on the plane. It seems the knitting needle is no longer considered a dangerous weapon.
This is a very blue post!


  1. It's a great quilt top - beautiful fabrics. I really enjoyed reading about the process you followed to add the oomph.

  2. Your quilt is wonderful! I love how you perked it up with the triangle block and the border. Lovely scarf too! Welcome back.

  3. Oh, you are sew creative! I love the little half square triangle block you put in the center. The border is exactly what it needed! Great finish! My husband and I had a good laugh about the knitting needles on the plane!

    I don't knit but will take some hand appliqué when I go to Paris in December!

  4. What a great job you did . I love this quilt.


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