Friday, January 6, 2012

Working on a Dream

I've had Laurie Wisbrun's Tuffted Tweets fabric in my stash for ages now but I never knew what to do with it. I checked out her Flickr photos and got some ideas and flicked through all my Kaffe Fassett books for inspiration and then slept on it. There is a design in Kaffe's Country Garden Quilts that has always fascinated and terrified me because he has marked it as being difficult. I like to dream about designs and work out patterns as I fall asleep. It is a lot better than thinking about all my worries and sure enough, in the morning I started to play with my dreams.
The shapes turned out pretty easy to cut because although Kaffe's book used templates, they were easily cut using a rotary cutter.
This is his quilt:
And here is the first part of mine because I haven't put the border on yet:
I'm really happy with it so far. When I started placing it all down on the floor I realised that I had to sew it all together as it lay on the floor because I would never remember where all the pieces went. I pinned a block and sewed it and then worked on the next block. There was a fair amount of unpicking too as I mixed sides up. I got through 3/4 yesterday and finished it just now. I forgot that my family is coming over for dinner tonight and the carpet I work on is actually where we move the dining table to so it all had to be finished today.


  1. This quilt is truly awesome. You never cease to amaze me!

  2. That is stunning! I love it in those fabrics too!

  3. I literally gasped when I saw yours. It's fantastic!! Really great way to make a Kaffe quilt your own!

  4. It looks really good! If I am doing complicated blocks, I like to lay them out and replace each part as it is stitched/pressed (but I still manage to stitch the occasional block wrongly!)


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