Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recycling and a Variegated Wool

It was Grand Final Weekend this weekend and that means chilling at home and enjoying all the hype around the game. I love footy, unlike most of my friends and I love it when my team wins and plays well.  I love sewing with the TV on, half concentrating on what is happening in the game while making things. 
On Thursday I was at my Mum's house and I found one of my Dad's old cashmere vests, hanging in the cupboard, full of moth holes. Mum doesn't throw out much. My son was rummaging through Dad's stuff too because these days his clothes are known as 'vintage'. It was a bit lean in the cupboard as my nephew had already raided Dad's stuff a few months earlier. Mum is thrilled to have her grandsons wearing Dad's clothes. I decided I wanted to wear something of his too so I took the old cashmere vest and cut it up, sewed some fabric on to it and made a scarf.
It is so beautiful and soft and took me about an hour to put together.

I am so besotted with granny squares but not into the changing of colours and sewing in loose ends. I bought a ball of variegated wool to avoid those annoyances. It is called Zauberwool and it is dreadfully expensive, as all wool seems to be these days. It makes the craziest squares and I am in love with the stuff.


  1. I love the fabric you used on your scarf. A great way to remember your dad. I hope your son found a treasure to remember his grandfather by too.
    That wool makes great granny squares. I love working with wool to, but it has been ages since I knitted or crocheted.

  2. What a great idea to use old cashmere jumpers for scarfs. I have a few I can't throw out, but I (or DH) won't wear anymore. I must try it. Love your new granny squares as well. The Zauberwool (you know it means magic wool, don't you) makes indeed lovely patterns.

  3. The scarf is both beautiful and touching, and those granny squares are lovely!


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