Saturday, May 21, 2011

Echino Bike Quilt

One of the beautiful fabrics my son brought back from Japan was some Echino bike fabric. It is so special, I have been a bit scared to cut  into it. I chose a few fabrics that highlighted the colours of it.
 I cut them into 7.5" squares and made 9 sets of 9 patches.
Cut each 9 patch into quarters,
 rearranged them, and sewed them back together.

It's a bit random but I finished it in an afternoon. I really needed to get something done because last weekend was almost a right off for sewing and I was pining all week.
In between all the grocery shopping last weekend I snuck off to Patchwork on Central . 
"It was on the way home"
They were having a sale.
I had been searching for a backing fabric for my diamond quilt for a few months now and I think I did well.
It's the green one in the middle. $32 a metre reduced to $10 a metre.
Should go well with this:
I bought these too. Not sure what for.
Fabric is getting cheaper to buy in Australia, but I do love a bargain.


  1. Great shopping!!
    Love the fabric and the quilt you created.

  2. Great bicycle quilt. Lots of movement and little treasures for the eye. Your diamond quilt is beautiful too!

  3. What a fun quilt you've made with the Japanes Fabrics your son brought you back. I love the "disappearing nine patch". It's so fast but so effective. Your "Kaffe Fassett" is looking fantastic too. How are you going to quilt that one? Have a great Sunday.

  4. Gorgeous quilt coming along there Meli B I love the colours in there. Isn't it great our fabrics are a little cheaper? Nice buys. xo

  5. Beautiful Bike quilt! YOur son did well when he selected these fabrics!

    The sale fabrics you got are great! I love the backing fabric. I need to get going on my Kaffe Pickle Dish quilt. I will start it when I have this Joseph's Coat Project done!

  6. Wow. Those were nice quilts. I really like quilt fabrics. The colorful design makes me relax. Nice!


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