Sunday, October 17, 2010

All Potted Out

Pot Mitts are small.
Pot Mitts use lots of scraps.
Pot Mitts make great presents.
Pot Mitts only take a couple of hours to make.
But after 10 hours of making the little blighters, I'm going potty!

I played around with ways to make them today because they are fiddly and it did make them a little less painful but I made too many and it took the fun out of it. It's just that I have a market to prepare for and the time is running out so...

1 down

12 to go

Another little boy quilt is finished. Almost the same as the other but with different backing and binding.
So I guess it's been a good week for making.


  1. You have been busy again. What are you going to do will all the pot holder? Sell them, give them as Christmas pressies? They are lovely as well as your little boy quilt.

  2. WOW! YOu are like a sewing factory! I have been busy as well, but haven't taken the pictures yet to prove it!

    Good for you!


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